Refund Policy

The average total time we spend for and with our couples is about 4 hours, the last hour of which is their actual beach ceremony and after-ceremony pictures. The first 3 hours include phone conversations, texting, and email quotes for cost and availability. Answering a request form can sometimes take 30 minutes. All of this happens before our couple even books with us.

Then, after our couple confirms, there is processing of the credit card, email confirmation by us, entering and locking in their date and time on our calendar, more email and text correspondence, we then setting up the office files (both hard copy file and on computer), setting up coupleís account in QuickBooks, ordering leis and additional items, then sending an invoice/contract for the couple to sign.

Within the first day of a couple booking, we have already spent about 3 hours, of the 4 total on average, working on behalf of our couple. That is 75% of all our labor involved for our couple, has already been done by us within the first day. Note that we are then turning down any requests for said date/time, so we are thus turning down business for that calendar space, holding it for our couple.

It is for the above reasons, that we have a no-refund policy on any payments made to Maui Wedding Planner. We cannot possibly refund money on labor already performed. Because we are turning down business for said date and time, no percentage of the payments are refundable.

We always offer alternatives, should our couplesí plans change, such as transferring their date and time to a future date and time, based on our availability (good for one year); or, converting their wedding package into a photo package or family blessing package, good for one year.

On the rare occasion, it has happened that a couple will change their plans and then expect a refund, thinking we havenít done anything for them, and then get very nasty to us when we point out the above reasons for no refund: Having already performed 75% of the labor involved for their reservation, and that we have turned down business for that locked in date and time.

It is really important to us that our couples understand our reasons for our policy. We provide lots of love, aloha, warmth and care in creating the space and holding the space for our couplesí most sacred day. As well, we are a business, and a business cannot survive by losing money and spending many hours of labor for which they are not compensated. No company can survive that.

Sincerely, Rev Michael and JJ Preston