Dove and Butterfly releases add beauty and grace to your wedding ceremony. Everyone loves nature, and what better way to bring her closer to you and your wedding family and friends than to have these magnificent creatures released into the air!

Butterflies usually stay close after release, many times landing on your flowers for the nectar. This makes for great photos and video!

The doves will fly out of their box, and your photographer knows to be quick to get a good photo.

Then, they usually circle up above for a few times in order to get their bearings. At this point, everyone can enjoy their flight, as they are so graceful and dynamic!

Maui wedding dove release

Maui wedding dove release Doves - Symbols Of Love, Peace & Purity! - By: Maui Doves

Since ancient times doves and pigeons have been symbols of love, peace, and purity. The release of white doves can add a beautiful touch of elegance to many occasions such as weddings, birthdays, concerts, blessings, memorials, grand openings, sporting, religious, and community events.

Doves can be released anywhere on Maui even out at sea within sight of the island, including the islands of Molokai and Lanai. Due to a keen homing instinct they return swiftly to their Upcountry Maui home.

Dove releases can range in number from just 2 up to 100 doves. A favorite release method is a 2 dove “hand release” by the Bride and Groom.

PHOTO COURTESY: BETTINA CHRISTINE ANTLE PHOTOGRAPHY Some commonly asked questions: Q: Are the birds doves or pigeons? A: Our birds are white homing pigeons and are in the dove family. Doves and pigeons have many similarities and have been known to be more than friends.

Q: Where do the doves go after they are released? Do you have to catch them? Do they fly back to your car? A: The doves return to their loft in Kula, Maui. They are able to enter the loft on their own and find good food, clean water, and companions upon arrival.

Q: Do the doves always make it back home? A: It is very rare for us to lose one. Our birds are descended from stock that can fly hundreds of miles in one day.

PHOTO COURTESY: CREATIVE TOUCH PHOTOGRAPHY Q: How late in the day can the doves be released? A: It is preferred that they be released by sunset. It is best to ask one of our Maui Dove’s representatives if there is any question.

Q: How are they trained to fly home? A: Our doves use their homing instinct and landmarks to navigate home. We supplement this with periodic jaunts to keep them in good condition.

Q: How do you avoid accidents? A: Through feeding schedules and diet we minimize the chances of the call of nature occurring during the event.

Q: Do doves really mate for life? A: Yes, if given the opportunity, they will.

Maui wedding butterfly release

Butterflies have long symbolized dramatic changes and joy. These butterflies that you will release are not captured from the wild but are hand-reared here on Maui, throughout their development from egg to adult. In this way we can be sure that healthy butterflies are being released to join the local population in pollinating the many fruit and flower plants of Hawaii.

Many different cultures have folklore about butterflies and releasing butterflies for special occasions. Some beliefs about butterflies are that they carry messages from a soul directly to the gods, that they are signs of impending good fortune, and that they will bring conjugal bliss and joy. So...make a wish and send it heavenward on the wings of a butterfly.

The butterflies are packaged so all you have to do is open the package and give them a few seconds to adjust to their surroundings before they take flight. butterflies may be released outdoors at any time of day provided the temperature is above 70 degrees and it is not raining heavily. Please do not release butterflies indoors or after sunset.

Butterflies have long symbolized major life changes and in some cultures are thought to bring conjugal bliss and joy. A butterfly release is a perfect way for you and your guests to celebrate your marriage. If your wedding is outdoors may we suggest you have each guest make a wish for the Bride and Groom and release a butterfly to carry it during "the kiss" or incorporate the Native American legend into your ceremony.

Following an indoor ceremony your guests may line the sidewalk and as you are leaving the church each guest will release a wish and a butterfly as a beautiful alternative to throwing rice or birdseed. The butterflies will flutter above the gathering for a few moments before winging away.

For more intimate ceremonies you may have only the members of the wedding party or just the Bride and Groom release wishes and butterflies. Perhaps a mass release of two or three dozen butterflies at your outdoor reception would be your preference. It is entirely up to you!